The Kosmic

We believe the kitchen is a sanctuary. A place to feed our creativity, nourish ourselves, and make magic. 

We first met in college, and there we laid the foundation for the very first community garden on campus. We grew heirloom varietals, medicinal herbs, perennial vegetables, and even ate the weeds! The constant abundance in the garden meant we were always experimenting and creating new meals to share with friends. 

At first, this website was a simple journal, where we documented our recipes, newly learned remedies, and showcased our love of plants. As time went on, we began to study traditional medicine practices more deeply, and The Kosmic Kitchen grew into an educational platform for plant-based wellness rituals.

Our mission is to bring plant medicine, the people's medicine, back into the forefront. To make kitchens kosmic worldwide, so that every human has a fundamental understanding of their bodies, and can experience the incredible magic of plants.

Sarah Kate + Summer Ashley    Photo by  Ally Crum Creative

Sarah Kate + Summer Ashley 

Photo by Ally Crum Creative