Rosewater + Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea


Lately I’ve been enjoying all the perks of summer in California - a long vacation in Tahoe, hikes in the mountains, picking wild plums and the annual Herbal Medicine Fair at Homestead Apothecary. With all this sun on my shoulders I’ve been craving some cooler plant medicines. Last week I created this Rosewater + Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea that turned out to be delicious. This tea is reminiscent to an  ‘Arnold Palmer’ but better, because it’s infused with medicinal herbs and a sprinkle of roses on top! DSCF8444

It was inspired by a rosewater iced tea I grew up drinking at this local Lebanese restaurant in Tampa, Florida. At middle eastern restaurants this recipe is usually made with black tea, rosewater, sugar, lemon and pine nuts on top. I chose to make it with honey, sans caffeine and with a medicinal twist.

Raspberry leaf is astringent which makes it toning or tightening to tissues in the body. It is often part of prenatal formulas, to prepare the womb for labor. Some women choose to use it to tone the uterus and ease painful periods. In folk tradition, the astringent properties of the leaf are used as an herbal mouthwash or to tone the gastrointestinal system. Rose petals are also astringent, toning to tissues and energetically are used to promote self love.

You can use this tea as a tasty supplement to your herbal protocol. To get the full effects of the raspberry leaf medicine, you’ll probably need about 2-3 cups of tea a day, some of which you might want to enjoy hot.



8 cups of water

8 bags of raspberry leaf tea

2 TBS rosewater

½ cup honey

¾  cup of lemon juice



Bring the water to a boil in a large pot. Add your tea bags, and cover for 15-20 minutes. Add your honey, lemon juice and rosewater. Taste, and add more if you feel it’s needed.

Allow the mixture to cool, and then you can serve over ice.


This mixture will make about 8 servings worth, and it will fit perfectly in a ½ gallon Mason jar. It will be the perfect addition to your next sunny afternoon adventure, but trust me - it won’t last long.

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With (medicinal) love,








*Our recipes are meant to inspire! Be sure to listen to your body and speak with your local herbalist or healthcare practitioner to figure out what herbal protocols are best for you.