Summertime Herbal Drinks


A roundup of a few of our favorite herbal drinks, just in time for the holiday weekend. We know you wanna bring your herbs to the party! Whether you're enjoying them as 'mock-tails' or adding a splash of something boozey, these are no brainers for cooling off this summer.  

Ginger+Basil Kvass  | A bubbly probiotic beverage, with a hint of ginger and fresh basil. 


Watermelon + Lemon Verbena Cooler | The kind of drink that makes you feel refreshed just looking at it. 


Rosewater + Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea | The perfect balance of sweet, sour and rose to beat the heat on a hot day. 


Tulsi Lemon Ginger Bloody Mary's  | An adaptogenic twist on a classic summertime (or anytime) drink.