JULY // Things We Love


+ My new hand embroidered Leaf Shirt by Goldie and Palou, its got plants in all the right places. + These handmade pants by Rachel of Running Rivers. They're made from US grown cotton, and SO comfortable.

+ 'Beaming' about Fat & The Moon's all natural highlighter. I use it on my cheeks, lips, and eyelids. Because contour doesn't have to be toxic.

+ Which reminds me, this site is awesome for checking the health of your beauty products.

+ Kat Harrison is making a rare appearance in Nevada City, CA this August. She's teaching a full day course called Botanical Elements of Ritual. Not that we needed another excuse to head north to the land of the Yuba!

+ Went to this sound meditation event at San Fransisco's Conservatory of Flowers, and it was amazing. Chris and I got there about an hour early to enjoy the greenhouse and butterfly garden.

+ No plastic. No metal. This earth based bottle is my new favorite thing. From the original founders of Klean Kanteen.

+ This new poppy patch for my vintage Levi's jacket.

+ Looking forward for Lacy's UNBLOCKED Manifestation Workshop. I can't recommend her courses enough.

Do you all have any recommendations for us? We love hearing about tips, tricks, and new products from our kosmic community.

XO - Summer Ashley

*Photo by Ally Crum Creative