Lavender, Chamomile + Skullcap Cooler


At the height of the summer, I find myself saying "yes" to far too much. The long bright days are positive, don't get me wrong, but they inspire to work a little longer and harder than I probably should. This herbal cooler has been my saving grace, calming my nerves and inspiring me to take it down a notch. It's packed full with nervous system supporting herbs, chamomile and lavender to calm the mind and the belly, and skullcap to actively soothe and tonify the nervous system.

We love ours with honey, but you could easily use a drop of liquid stevia instead. Or, try a bit of licorice, a sweet building adaptogen that blends perfectly in the mix.



2 tablespoons chamomile + lavender tea, dried (or 3 tea bags)

1/2 tablespoon skullcap, dried

2 tablespoons of honey

1 lemon, sliced


Add your dried herbs to a quart sized jar. Then, boil water, pour it into the jar, and allow the mixture to steep covered for 10 minutes. Add in your honey, and stir. Once cooled, top with freshly sliced lemons and store in the fridge. Serve chilled.

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XO - Summer