Power Powder Balls


These little balls are one of our favorite treats to have on hand. They are packed with herbal goodness and take minutes to make. We were inspired by the magical herbalist Rosemary Gladstar who gave us the inspiration to make them apart of our daily diet. Her famous recipe is called “zoom balls” and packs them with stimulating and energizing herbs that make you...ZOOM!

The great thing about making power powder balls is that you can add whatever nut butters,  powdered herbs, and spices you have on hand. We usually lean toward nourishing and adaptogenic herbs that help us maintain balance. We try to make a batch each week so that there is always a satisfying herbal snack handy.


4 cups nut butter (we use 1/2 sunbutter and 1/2 peanut butter)

2 cups honey (local, raw & organic)

1 ounce carob powder

1 ounce greens powder (Perfect Food by Garden of Life is a good brand)

1 ounce ashwaganda powder

1 ounce astragalus powder

1 ounce reishi mushroom powder

1 ounce milk thistle powder

1 Tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cayenne powder

1/2- 1 cup shredded coconut flakes, lightly toasted


In a large mixing bowl, combine the nut butters and honey until smooth. Add in the herbs  and greens mix until well combined. Next, add the carob powder, cinnamon and cayenne. The consistency should be thick enough to make into balls but not dry enough to feel the powdered herbs. So don’t be afraid to add more powders or nut butter to get the consistency you want. Roll into silver dollar size balls and roll into coconut flakes. Store on a baking sheet or Tupperware in the fridge. Makes about 40- 60 balls depending on the size.


***(For more info on what herbs to use check out mountainroseherbs.com)***

Not only are these sweet treats a great snack, but they make breakfast a breeze. Spread them on toast or throw a few into your smoothie for extra herbal nourishment in the morning!

Did I mention how amazing Rosemary is? Not only is she a renaissance woman and accomplished herbalist, but her beauty fills a room. She has one of the most inspiring presences I have ever experienced and her excitement for herbalism and plant wisdom is contagious! Such an amazing woman to have in our herbal lineage. You can find more of her recipes and wisdom in her book--Herbal Remedies for Vibrant Health.