What's In My Bag: Herbalist's Edition


Ever wonder what's in an herbalist's bag, or in this case basket? Look no further! Our dear friend and fellow witch, Spencre McGowan started a new series that takes a peak into what potions and products her herbal friends are toting around. 

When Spencre asked to peek into the bag I carry everyday, I of course was excited to share. My “bag” these days is a Jane Birkin style french woven basket because carrying something on my shoulder was starting to feel a bit straining and hard on my posture. You can usually find me with a basket in tow, since I’ve started somewhat of a collection. What can I say? I just love how you can toss in all the things---clay water bottle, snacks, books and your essentials or use it to harvest wild weeds. It's funny how much of a conversation piece holding a basket instead of a purse is. Everyone just automatically thinks I’m going on a picnic. Which honestly, isn't a bad thing because who doesn’t want to have more picnics? Okay, enough basket talk, here’s what’s actually in that thing! - XO Sarah Kate 


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