March: Things We Love


+ This documentary, on Osho's cult. I would be lying if I said the first couple episodes didn't make we want to dabble in cult life. 

+ Wanting to get some of these SAY SOMETHING stickers for friends.

+ A turmeric and rose petal ravioli, what?! So inspired by all these petal pastas lately. 

+ This plant-inspired potter. Love how the colors of the plants are preserved in the pieces. 

+ Wanting to try this single origin organic turmeric, by a Oakland based business that's working to decolonize the spice trade. YES!

+ Excited to wear these simple leather sandals all spring long.

+ Chris got me this incredible Ayurvedic Cookbook. It might be the most gorgeous book I own!

+ This post, by my dear friend Rachel. We're so lucky to live in an era and a place that embraces both conventional and traditional medicine practices. And how cute is the new babe?!

+ These candlestick holders are everything. Also, can someone make a beeswax candle subscription box? 

+ My new tattoo by Pio Poke, inspired by the spirit of mugwort. It's my protector in this time of transition. 

+ This timely post on creating an herbal garden. And yes, that is me modeling! 

+ How amazing is Kari's apothecary? It's what herbalist's dreams are made of.

+ And, this post on what's in Sarah's bag (basket), featured on Gingertooth & Twine.

XO Summer Ashley