Kosmic Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve really enjoyed seeing our favorite makers and healers sharing a curated collection of their favorite gifts to give this season. In creating our own, I was reminded how many makers we are lucky enough to know and for those we don’t, we feel endlessly inspired by the beauty and intention they’re putting out into the world.

Now, this won’t be your typical gift guide. I wanted this to be more of a 'recipe’ for an evening of gathering with friends and loved ones to celebrate this transformative time of year. What excites me most about this season, is getting to create a nourishing meal with intention in every detail. When I have high quality ingredients everything feels more special and its a chance to share my favorite things with the people I care about most.

My hope is that this little guide will inspire you to support a small business or if nothing else, get creative with the things you already have by seeing them in a new way.


A few things for making a magical table that feels cozy and welcoming.

i. These golden hued hand block printed napkins bring warmth and a pop of color to any dinner table. They’d look especially good paired with an indigo table cloth or table runner. Everything Block Shop makes is makes is swoon worthy!

ii. Summer and I are candle crazy these days. Beeswax candles are healing to the home and help purify the air while creating a soothing ambiance. I keep having this vision of a candle lit only dinner and these magenta candle sticks are on my wishlist.


Keep it simple and cook something you can execute well without a lot of fuss.

iii. When we did our residency at Pocoapoco in Oaxaca last May, I fell in love with Mezcal. This smoky traditional drink made from agave is like nothing else. It imparts an uplifting feeling and pairs well with fresh grapefruit juice a touch of sweet and a squeeze of lime. I’ve even been know to add a little pomegranate molasses for a touch of sour to a cocktail. Serve these for guests as they arrive. Oh, and our friend Spencre wrote a great book on herbal cocktails if you’re in the mood for more inspiration.

iv. If you haven’t had Humbolt Fog, you’ve been missing out. Its all the creamy goodness you could want from a cheese and goes well with our local Valley Ford smoked salmon if you need a quick appetizer. Put this baby on a platter with fruit, cracker + roasted vegetables for friends to enjoy while you’re putting the final touches on dinner.

iv. Dinner parties don’t have to be an overwhelming affair. I find that a main course that’s a one-pot-deal keeps the stress low in the kitchen, doesn’t break the bank and means you can actually be relaxed when everyone comes over. This clay pot from Oaxaca would be perfect for a comforting coconut + turmeric infused stew served with spiced rice + braised greens with toasted seeds. Make sure to have good olive oil on the table to drizzle over everything, too.

v. Speaking of turmeric, this is THE best out there. You open the jar and your mouth waters. Seriously. Diaspora Co. is a queer business focused on decolonizing food by supporting organically farmed turmeric, giving every worker a living wage above market value for their product. Endlessly inspired by this crew and their work to create a better planet through this prized plant.


Brining out herbal tea, art and music are easy ways to relax and connect with the ones you love.

vi. After a nourishing meal there’s noting better than a little sweet treat + a cup of tea. Our friend, Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs makes a delicious blend of tulsi, passion flower + oats sure to relax everyone after dinner. Turn on some tunes and put on a big pot of tea for everyone to share.

vii. A great coffee table book sure to inspire conversation while sipping tea, these abstract paintings by Hilma af Klint were created years before her male contemporaries who are known for this style, but were kept private until 1986. She channeled mystical ideas into form after spiritual séances in which her and a small group contacted “The High Ones.” She was tasked to bring forth the idea of other realities and the idea that “Everything is Unity” in her works. You won’t be disappointed when you see them for yourself.


Treat yourself! Its good to feel good when hosting others and sharing your joy this time of year.

viii. Its always fun to put on something that makes you feel special or festive when hosting. These earrings are definitely a statement piece. Pair them with a comfortable simple outfit so they really pop!

ix. After everyone leaves and you’re filled up from good food and friends, take some time to wind down (Especially if you’ve already done the dishes. Go you!). Rachel of Fat and the Moon, makes this decadent body oil to slather on your skin, just before a hot bath. You’ll feel soft and silky before you crawl into bed.

x. And if wake up the next morning with none of the dishes done, because you were having too much fun, a nice hot beverage will help get you going. If you really want to splurge on someone, (or yourself), this frother is what good mornings are made of. Not only does it froth your milk for your coffee or tea, but its ideal for making a warming tonic. Just add everything to the stainless steel jug and turn it on for a satisfying morning beverage.