Herbal Lunar Tonic

A sacred lunar infusion.

A lunar infusion is a highly energetic cup of herbal tea. When I make a lunar infusion I use the herbs that call to me from my garden, place them with water in a crystal or glass container, and allow the magic of the moon to infuse itself into the blend. Intention is key. Take a moment to listen, and maybe another to visualize what you would like to see in the upcoming cycles.

Flowering tops and leaves of the plants are known to be most potent in lunar infusions. You can use herbs that are specific to your healing, or ones that call to you from you garden. Dried herbs will work, too. All infusions made under the light of the moon will have a deep feminine aspect to them, a sacred tonic that is naturally calming and enchanting.


1 quart sized glass mason jar

1 hand full of fresh herbs (or a half a cup of dried)

1 quart of water


Place the medicinal herbs of your choice into a quart sized mason jar, fill it to the top with water, and place the container (uncovered) under the direct light of the full moon. There is no need to heat this herbal tea. Leave the medicine under the moon all night, and drink the blend throughout the next day. I usually feel a bit more magic surrounding my everyday life after sipping on the blend, and more connected to cosmos--especially during dream time.

I love to use plants like lemon balm, chamomile, calendula flowers, passionflower, or whatever fresh herbs are in season. Feel free to use dried herbs too, and get creative! This medicine is energetic, and with the full moon as your inspiration…feel free to do things as you feel.

Photo by Karen Prosen.