Herbal Sisters: A Photo Collection by Karen Prosen



A few weeks ago our dear friend Karen Prosen went with Sarah and I on an adventure to see the fall wildflowers. I’ve been making pilgrimages back to this secret spot near the springs ever since Caleb Fooks of From A Seat With A View showed me it! I couldn’t help but think of him when I saw a herd of deer that day, I wondered about his South American biking adventure as we admired the flowers and wandered through the pine flats.

The fall is such an abundant time for wildflowers in Florida, the blazing stars were just beginning to shoot up from the ground, and we couldn’t help but be fascinated by their neon purple color! It was as if they were all putting on a show just for us.

It was a wonderful day of identifying plants, saying hello to all the deer and tortises, and we even got to swim in the fountain of youth! The Florida springs truly are life giving, we are so lucky to have such a pure water source so rich in minerals.


Karen is pure magic, and has such a gift for capturing it too! Many of her photos center around women and the wild world. I love the feeling I get when looking at her photos.

You can find more of Karen’s work here on her website, or on her flickr.