Herbal teas to ease
Stress & Anxiety

online workshop | opening on 9.16

We believe

 Tea IS the most effective way
to take herbal medicine.


  • TEA CREATEs instant comfort

  • It’S EASY TO MAKE at home or on-the-go

  • ECONOMICAL, so you can use everyday

  • takes very little time and energy

  • One of the original forms of medicine

  • highly medicinal


LEARN KEY NERVOUS SYTEM HERBS & how to extract their medicine


Nervines work on a more acute level to help us calm down and realign during stressful times. There are both nervine tonics and relaxants, tonics work to restore frayed nerves and relaxants take the edge off in the moment. Many of these herbs we already know, like chamomile and lavender, but take for granted.



Adaptogens are all the rage, but are we using them effectively? Herbs like ashwagandha, maca, and shatavari are much more than "superfoods” for smoothies. These plants and fungi promote whole body function, so we can perform better under stress. Adaptogens work best when used consistently (at the right dose) over time.



Stress spirals, that’s why it’s important to tonify body systems that become compromised under pressure. Digestive, reproductive, and nervous system tonics work to nourish and restore the body so we can flow through our days more ease-fully. We add tonics herbs to all our daily tea blends.

GET tools to support
you through stress


Stress has reached epidemic proportions, it effects most of us each and every day. Due to overwork, constant stimulus, and endless tech, we are more “on” than ever before. Herbs help us to turn off the chatter, and tune in to what matters most. They can be big helpers in our mental health journey, there to support us in times of need.

While herbs are no replacement for therapy or even medications, taking time for tea creates a moment to pause, honor ourselves and be present. You’ll learn how to work with key medicinal herbs to ease and restore frazzled nerves, and tonify body systems that become overworked under all the pressure.

We hope you’ll join us, and learn more about the incredible power of medicinal teas.


WHAT you’ll GET

1 Hour Workshop
Herbal Tea Handbook

Stress Soothing Herb Guide
3 Herbal Tea Extraction Methods
Confidence Choosing Key Nervous System Herbs
Effective Tools to Combat Stress

What folks are sayinG


"Summer and Sarah break down the complexities of elemental eating into an easy to understand and fun program! It's everything you want — the videos are so informative and fun and their food is nourishing and heartfelt."

Sophie M | Vancouver, Canada | Whole Hearted Eats

“As a deep believer in food as medicine, Sarah and Summer's workshop gave me a renewed perspective and enlivened inspiration to come back to my kitchen and create simple, deeply nourishing meals through a lens of elemental eating that is in balance with what my body needs. I was grateful for the easily accessible information that was also in depth enough to re-inspire a lot of ideas that I've studied in the past, bringing together plant, food, and seasonal medicine in the tastiest ways. I left feeling invigorated and inspired by the reminder that we have the ability to heal, right where we are, in rhythm with the earth and with a lot of the tools we already have. I've been cooking all of my meals since and I've noticed a big shift in my body!”

Maribeth K | Los Angeles, CA | Maribeth Helen Keane

“Ayurveda can be so overwhelming! It's a vast ocean of knowledge compiled over millennia. With their Elemental Herbalism workshop, Summer and Sarah do an incredible job of opening up that barrier to entry by laying out the basics in super digestible pieces. Not an easy feat, and they made it look beautiful to boot."

Lauren H |Cloudland, GA | Wooden Spoon Herbs

“Elemental Herbalism cuts through the noise of what works for others in terms of food and herbs and everyday rituals. What matters is what works for you, and this workshop delivers the key for you to find just that in an easy yet powerful way.

Elenore Z | Sweden |Modern Rituals

"As a busy entrepreneur, I'm always looking for new, inspiring ways to get more healthy food into my diet. Sarah and Summer gave me that...and so much more! I actually walked away thinking about food in a whole new way, and I've really enjoyed integrating what I learned in my own kitchen. These ladies know SO much, and they share their hard earned wisdom with so much generosity, ease, and love. It was such a pleasure being in their presence!" 

Flora B |Portland, OR | Flora Bowley

"As a natural foods chef and firm believer in food as medicine, it was incredibly interesting to learn about healing foods through the Ayurvedic perspective. What I loved most about Sarah and Summer’s teaching was their message of intuitive eating and using our individual constitution to determine what foods are best for balancing not only our physical bodies, but our mind and spirit, as well."

Renée D | Seattle, WA | Natural Foods Chef | Nourish The Roots

“It was amazing to learn about how many things I can add to my meals on a daily basis that aren't difficult to find, and will be great medicine to my body. I also purchased their cookbook, which was the first I've ever read cover to cover. The information is so easy to comprehend, even for someone totally new to the idea of Ayurvedic cooking and medicine. I highly recommending taking a course! Super informative, and really fun!"

Sasha H | Los Angles, CA | Natural Dyer | Elara Blue Designs



Sarah Kate & Summer
The Herbalists behind The Kosmic Kitchen


We’ve been studying herbal teas for a decade. In the beginning, we had just started our healing journeys. We started filling our large mason jars with enough tea to last us a full day, and over time we noticed we were more calm, grounded, and in our power.

Herbal teas are at the foundation of any kosmic kitchen practice, and traditional medicine as a whole. These remedies work best when taken ritualistically, with the proper herbs and dosage. That’s why we believe the most effective teas are the ones that taste great and you have fun making.

Our teachings are inspired by our knowledge of Western Herbalism and Ayurvedic Medicine, layered with our own creative twist. Our recipes and rituals are meant to be practical, so that you can infuse the magic of herbalism into your everyday.

Please join us in our upcoming workshop, were we’ll show you how to incorporate healing into your everyday through a relaxing herbal tea practice.

- Sarah Kate & Summer


Feel confident creating Daily tea rituals to Nourish your

nervous system

Restoring takes time. That’s why enjoying teas daily can be so helpful when we need balancing.

Join our herbal Teas to

Ease stress and anxiety workshop




Worried you won’t have time to make the workshop?

Go at your own pace!

You'll have access to the video for three months along with all printable workshop handouts and recipes. 


*These photos were lovingly captured by Ally Crum, Jorge Novoa, and Anna-Alexia Basile.