SEPTEMBER // Things We Love


+ The marigolds have been going crazy in our garden! We've been making garlands with the golden blooms and posting them here. + Ever since the weather  turned a bit cooler this week, I've been scanning my favorite Nigel Slater recipes. Definitely into this baked pear idea and this blueberry pudding situation.

+ We're hosting a tele-class next week all about foods and herbs for the season. Hope you'll join us Tuesday, Sept. 6th.

+ Can't seem to not have this album on while I'm cooking in the kitchen or anywhere really. Particularly this track.

This just might be the best addition of pumpkin we've ever experienced.

+ Our teacher, Kat Harrison is putting on a plant folk extravaganza in West County at the end of the month and you should definitely come if you're in the area.

+ What witch doesn't need this apron?

+ I've been revisiting this  lunar inspired and super relevant cookbook to spur some autumn meal ideas.

+ Ah, the French and their glorious butter. I'd really like to get one of these for the kitchen from our favorite stop in Healdsburg.

+ If you haven't checked out this book by our girl, Bonnie Rose, I suggest you pop over to her page real quick. Its a must have for any aspiring herbalist, plant person, medicine maker or anyone that lives in the Bay Area.

+ Speaking of The Shed, I've been eyeing these every time I go in there.  I bet this would be the perfect dish to cook in it too!

+ We did a little cook book trade with one of our favorites and we've been loving our signed copy of Near + Far, thanks again Heidi!