SEPTEMBER // Things we love


This month I have had the pleasure of spending lots of time in my partner's (Chris) mother's garden. Cathy stewards plants that have been passed down to her and shares cuttings, fruits, and garden bounty with friends and family. It is amazing to be around plants that are so loved, it as if they are singing. And perhaps they are? S0302890



I also have been enjoying...

Stargazer Li's essence "Restructuring",  Li infuses planetary essences in her formulas through her telescope! You can find her here, where she also offers "Cosmic Updates."

Galen's Way Cleavers Tincture has been a huge ally for me. Matthew who owns the company gifted this to me and I have seen very positive results. This is a company I really believe in, he offers tinctures to herbal practitioners and skin care products on his website here.

Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz. This is the fermentation bible. It includes a rich history of fermentation as well as recipes from around the world.

I have also been enjoying black lentils, postcards from friends, and The Chinese Herb and Longevity Show.