NOVEMBER // Things we love!


Its crazy to feel the end of November upon us. What even happened to this month? Must be the super short days and cool weather creeping in that is making time fly. And despite this season of slowing down, November has been anything but slow! We were thrilled to kick off the month at Homestead Apothecary for our Healing Plants, Nourishing Foods workshop. That place is pure magic and Nick, the shop owner, is a wizard! We are ever inspired by his healing spirit, encouraging presence and his passion to empower the Bay Area community with plant medicine. 2010-08-19 14.23.29

This is truly the season of harvest and abundance here in Northern California. We've been loving brick oven sourdough bread from Wild flour Bakery on the weekends, fresh mushrooms from Sebastopol and spending the evenings trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

We've been experimenting with quick pickling mushrooms like maitake and porchini with peppercorns and fresh herbs. Burdock root is another plant ally that makes a great quick pickle with its crunchy texture and earthly flavor.  After we eat all the burdock and mushrooms, (which shouldn't take too long 'cause they are pretty addictive!) we can use the vinegar in salad dressing recipes.

Things we are loving:

- Heidi's cookbook is a constant inspiration and I keep finding myself flipping back to her miso-curry delicata squash recipe since its such a quick and delicious weeknight supper

- Stopped by Green Gulch Farm for the dharma talk on Sunday and harvested some fresh nettle with my friend Dan. Thinking about making up a batch of nettle pesto!

- Here are some of our favorite combinations for quick pickled treats:

- maitake and porchini with chili flakes, fennel, garlic and lemon

- fresh burdock root with rosemary, lemon and peppercorns

- fresh burdock with chili powder, paprika, and homemade hot sauce

- fresh burdock and nettle with fennel and peppercorns

- And finally, after a long day its a real treat to get cozy and watch this for those times when you just gotta ask yourself, "What would Beyoncé do?"


We have another workshop coming up in December! If you're in  L.A. come out to our holiDIY workshop at Otherwild in Echo Park on Saturday, Dec. 13th.

You can look forward to learning about a few key herbal roots for extra stress support during the holidays, simple ways to incorporate them into your daily meals and create your own personalized herbal spice blend to take home and enjoy!

Hope to see you there!