May: Things We Love


- This Strawberry Rose Agua Fresca recipe is ah-mazin. Trust me, I drank it all weekend...but subbed some mint for lemon balm.

- The Moon Wise Podcast, which we made a feature in this month! Listen to us talk about our beginnings, our healing process, and all about our Elemental Herbalism practice. All this in our very first podcast interview. We had a blast recording with Dorothée!

- Grateful for this article on crystal sourcing. It shed light on a market I have long been skeptical of. I definitely feel that crystals hold incredible power, but just like herbs, sourcing matters.

- Love Elizabeth Gilbert's insights on how to know who to trust. I deeply resonate with this advice, as not everyone shares your taste and vision. This is especially important to keep in mind when things are new, vulnerable, and in the initial creative phase. 

- This herbal event in Sebastopol. There are sure to be beautiful + fresh plants for sale!

- Chelsea's DREAM FOOD event in SF. We wish we could go, but we will be teaching at the lovely Spirit Weavers Gathering!

- Why are you SOLD OUT? The cutest.

- Is this silk face mask excessive? Don't answer that if it's a no. I take sleep almost as seriously as eating these days. 

- Looking forward to visiting this new spot, very inspired by Marlee's work. Also, who has the hook up on North Bay real estate? We need a little space to call home. 

- So happy you're on back-order Spencre, but please stitch faster. Need this hat!

- This short on wild ginseng collection in America. Learn more about the plant and why it is at-risk on United States Plant Savers' website.

- An IPA with wormwood, mugwort, sage, and sumac? What! Someone get us some of this.

Hope to see many of you at Spirit Weavers Moon Session, we will be teaching a course on elemental eating and herbalism called Be Radical Eat Traditional! Please say hi!

XO - Summer Ashley