Kosmic Road Trip to Northern California










As some of you may know, I recently packed up and moved across the country. I'm now settling into my new living arrangement, which is a rustic yurt on top of a small hill in Northern California. As a Florida swamp creature, it has been a huge change. The west has such a different landscape and energy about it. The trees are huge, the shores are rugged, and fire building skills are a must. From the generous help of my neighbors--Fern and Jamie--I have quickly acquired fire skills, and a down comforter (which is like pure luxury).

I also am loving all the new folks I am meeting, beautiful souls everywhere I go. For the year I will be gardening and attending school at The California School of Herbal Studies. I'm thrilled to be able to share with you all the good stuff I will be learning from master herbalists. And, I can’t wait to see my witch Sarah, who will be so conveniently close to me. I'm looking forward to all her enlightening posts from the renown Tassajara Zen Center.  So many big changes happening all around us, and I'm so grateful to have friends living their dreams. Sometimes the jump to something new is scary, but you gotta do it.

Or, just take your Honda Accord.

Here are some photos from our road trip. I have to thank Juliana, Sarah, and Rhae for coming along. It meant so much to have you all there, making gourmet food out of the cooler and singing our hearts out. So much gratitude to all our friends in New Orleans, New Mexico, Sedona, Los Angeles, and San Francisco who hosted us along the way…you all were entirely too good to us. Seriously.

And of course, thank you to Mamma Earth, for all the wild landscapes that lit a fire in my heart.

With a whole lotta love,

Summer Ashley