January Things We Love


+ This cookbook, Netflix show, and buttermilk chicken recipe. Insanely delicious.
+ This spice blend, addicted. Tastes great on everything, especially a cucumber salad.
+ This new take on an old classic. Someone tell me these are functional, because they are so dang cute.
+ One of the most underrated kitchen tools, it makes grating ginger a dream.
+ Been reading this oldie but goodie lately.
+ Favorite store bought tea, hands down. I get everyone addicted to this, it feels like a cup full of love.
+ Celery juice, do it. We’ve bought all the way in. I don’t even own a juicer, I just use the simple blender method.
+ This song, even better on record. Makes you feel all the good feels.
+ This tape and record label I found on my last trip to Germany. I love collecting vintage tapes and tape mixes.
+ This all-natural and luxuriously earth-y California made body wash, with this non-disposable safety razor.

With all the love,
Summer Ashley

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