JANUARY // Things we love!


Hello to a new year folks! Lately, Sarah and I have been taking things easy. After a busy holiday season we decided it would be best if we honored the winter season by hibernating a bit. Making more time for self-care, we have had quite few girls nights (in). We've been enjoying herbal foot baths with herbs like calendula, damiana and lavender.

Obsessing over the new #GIRLBOSS book, not so surprising.

Lathering on Naturopathica products from head to toe. This brand is incredible, and it's formulated by an herbalist who is also an aromatherapist. Not only does it feel and smell good, but these products work better than anything I have EVER tried.

Listening to the musical stylings of Johnny "Guitar" Waston and The Family Clone. Check out this one and this one. Its the perfect after work, dinner-making, wine-drinking & dancing in the kitchen music.

Clearing space with sage and palo santo.

Getting super excited about the Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium and our upcoming Ethnobotany class with Kathleen Harrison of  Botanical Dimensions at the most amazing herb shop, right in our backyard, West County Herb Shop.