FEBRUARY // Things We Love


We're only two months into 2017 and I've gotta to say, it definitely feels different. With all the craziness going on it has been super grounding to spend time with friends and family and put more energy into my workout schedule. I've been running and doing yin yoga about 3-4x a week to reduce stress. Here are some pieces of inspiration and experiences that are keeping me inspired, healthy, and grounded through turbulent times. Plus--some beautiful gems I've had my eyes on. Visited Florida and went to the Dali Museum, which is now featuring an exhibit on Frida Kahlo. I never realized her first surrealist painting was arguably of Luther Burbank, who is a famous botanist, horticulturist, and passionate plant lover.

Inspired by this photo of Georgia O'Keeffe's kitchen--holy organization!

Need this shirt by Modern Women, in pink. Grab back!

These Animal Spirit Cards, too. Though I already know my current spirit animal is an otter.

Loving this interview on Gingertooth & Twine, it's between my two herb school sisters Sienna (Moon Minded Medicine) and Spencre (Gingertooth).

Heidi turns everything to gold! Loving her new series Fridge Crawl, featuring the array of ingredient she keeps handy in her fridge. Definitely good for some cleaning inspo.

Been rubbing 3-4 drops of palmarosa essential oil topically on my jaw each night. My Ayurvedic teacher DeAnna taught me this trick for teeth grinding.

Been mostly sugar-free, infusing coconut oil gifted to us by Nutiva in these date filled tahini cups. So delicious! Thinking these would be perfect to infuse maca or shatavari into.

Dreaming up our May retreat in Palm Spring with Free People + Nina Endrst Yoga. Join us for yoga, medicinal foods, and a trip to Joshua Tree!