February: Things We Love


After months of a California style winter haze, it seems the fog has lifted. Cherry blossoms are blooming, my lemon tree is full of ripening fruit, and I'm getting a little bit of sun on my shoulders. As all the plants are awakening, so are my allergies. I've been incorporating in warming and mineral rich foods like bone broth and adaptogenic miso, spicy tonics, medicinal mushrooms, and really feeling Sarah's herbal steam ritual. Here are some of our kosmic favorites, to keep you grounded and glowing through the changing seasons. 

- Our new favorite Instagram account, full of meal planning inspiration. 

- A clay pot and a crockpot made a baby, and it's called VitaClay. Yes, it's awesome, and aluminum free. 

- Oxymels over tinctures, any day. I've got a healthy(ish) addiction to the ACV, honey, and herb combo. Love this one by Wooden Spoon Herbs, with energizing and revitalizing chipotle, cayenne, and ginseng. 

- Inspired to steam it all away, thanks to Sarah's most recent post. Herbal steams are highly effective, and incredibly under valued. Great for stress, tension, skin, congestion, and the lymphatic system. 

- Been recommending this mushroom tonic a ton. Reishi is great for the change of seasons, when you need some extra immune power and protection from allergies. 

- Eyeing these beauties. Secret admirers take note!

- Love Maribeth, and her Self Care in Uncertain Times zine. Grounding reminders for all of us. 

- I'm late to the brass spoon game, but I just ordered some of these. Thinking they will be great for upcoming workshops.

- An oldie but a goodie. This veggie slicer is a game changer, and a must have for most chefs. It's how you get all those cute and tiny radish slices. 

- You would think that after working for a tea company for 3+ years that I would be over it, but I'm not. This blend with oat straw, passionflower, skullcap, chamomile, lavender, and peppermint made me feel more grounded than ever. 

-  I thought I couldn't wear menstrual cups, until I found this one. I just needed a smaller size, and more flexibility. 

- Loving Medicine Stories Podcast. Especially number six with Amy Mea Woodruff of Spirit Weavers. It is all about family lineage and releasing fear. Definitely get cozy for this one, it's beautiful, heartbreaking, and healing all at the same time.

XO Summer Ashley