DECEMBER // Things we love!


This month has been full of travel, family, food and conversation. I have felt so inspired to create and make more herbal medicine. I've also been doing lots of visioning for the future through Meredith Rom's VISION course, and I'm looking forward to watching all the dreams unfold. Until then... Happy New Year! And as we say goodbye to December, here are some things we loved:

Eve's Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West This book does a great job of featuring the herbs that have been used since ancient times to control fertility.

My Holy Smokes blend by Moon Minded Medicine. I went to herb school with Sienna, and I am so excited to see her herbal business blossom.

This podcast, When Women Work for Free, for all my lady friends (and herbalists) who have trouble charging folks for their services.

The last bit of my Lemon Balm + Lavender + Milky Oats tincture that I made while living at Rosemary Gladstar's retreat center, Sage Mountain, a few summers ago.

Speaking of Rosemary (the "fairy godmother" of western herbalism), we are contributing videos and recipes to her home study course The Science & Art of Herbalism. Both Sarah and I are so honored, and truly believe this is the best home study course around. Rosemary has been practicing herbalism for over 40 years, and has been doing this particular course for decades. If you need a course that can come directly to you and your garden, this is the one!

I've also been doing lots of smudging with sage and drinking Turmeric Golden Milk this winter. This smudge wand was one of my favorite gifts this holiday season, a big thanks to my partner's family for making me feel so at home this Christmas.

Couldn't be more pleased with my Spirit Speak Tarot deck. It's been a great ally in my visioning processes, plus the art work is amazing!