AUGUST // Things we love


Lately I have been so inspired by podcasts. I spend a lot of time filling bottles with herbal blends for a nearby company- so these episodes have been a great way to learn more while I work. Podcasts are also an excellent way to engage the mind during a repetitive task, a commute, or a long road trip with friends! The Herbal Highway is a very informative podcast created by herbalists Sarah Holmes and Karyn Sanders out of Berkley, California. The show usually touches on a wide variety of plants and they also have an extensive knowledge on flower essences. The July 24th episode on digestion is obviously my favorite. I liked their idea of using St. John's Wort infused oil (1tsp twice a day) internally for ulcers and the nerve pain that can accompany them.

I also listen to the widely popular Bulletproof podcast, the man behind "Bulletproof Coffee." His recent interview with Donna Gates of Body Ecology is a must listen. Many have used her diet to help with Candida, Chronic Fatigue, Auto-immune Diseases, and even Autism.

Radio Lab is fascinating and brings in a lot of science. Check out this one called "Gut Feelings."

In my backpack, you can also find "The Yoga of Eating"Sister Spinster's Flower Essences (which are highly effective), and fallen apples from my tree!

What are your summer rituals and inspirations?