Kosmic Holiday Gift Guide


Create more and consume less. That's our motto at least. We try to make more than we buy, that's why our blog focuses more on DIY remedies and rituals, versus ready to buy products. When we do pick up something new, we try our best to support mindful businesses who craft well made goods that are built to last. This holiday season we'll be supporting herbalists, artists, potters, and jewelers who share a similar ethos. Without further ado, here's our 2017 Kosmic Holiday Gift Guide...

  1. Plants Are Powerful Print by Gingertooth & Twine - one of my favorite friends (and herbalists) doesn't just create badass collaged zines, she now makes prints, too! A powerful message to hang in any kitchen apothecary.
  2. Sahara Caftan by Prism of Threads - this has been one of my go-to wears since I invested this Summer at Spirit Weavers Gathering. They're on sale this holiday, and thinking about picking one up for my mom. After-all, she did teach me how to rock the caftan.
  3. Glow Highlighter by Fat & The Moon - the best thing to happen to my make-up bag since Glossier's Boy Brow. Looking forward to stuffing some stockings with this all-natural highlighter, and some Fat lip paints.
  4. Give The Joy Back by Anthony Burrill - this print is at the top of my list, I'm a huge sucker for beautiful type face.
  5. Sunshine Earrings by Alchemilla - when I don't make my own jewelry, I love buying from this Oakland jeweler. Check out the herbal earrings series, also on my list!
  6. Clay Soup Pot by La Chamba - the perfect pot for slow and low cooking. It can go on a gas stove and in the oven, and is a uniquely beautiful way to serve foods. Added bonus, your purchase supports a village of artisans in Colombia who make this unique black pottery from their local clay.
  7. Lemon Verbena Tea and Pre Order Collection by Ula Botanic - made by Elie Barausky, previously of Portland Apothecary,  so we know this new botanical biz is going to blossom. Hoping to get some of these California grown teas and mists this holiday season.
  8. Peace Mug by Martina Thornhill - well, she's sold out now, but check back in early December for more! We also love Easy to Breathe, we've been eyeing her vases for years.
  9. Black Sage Raw Chocolate by Wild Omen - I highly recommend this raw, herb infused chocolate as a stocking stuffer. Last year I bought the whole set!
  10. CBD Tonic with Biodynamic Hydrosols by Omica Organics - this formula doesn't just have hemp extracted CBD to calm you down, it also relies on the power of relaxing herbs and hydrosols, like rosemary, lavender, and California poppy. In fact, you might be better of purchasing extra and in advance...to keep you calm through the holiday craze.