A Look at Healing


From across the continent our friends have come together to help our dear friend Troy heal from his brain cancer. I am happy to say that through the healing power of both western medicine and medicinal plants he is now doing much better. I am sure all the prayers and ceremonies that have gone on have been a huge part of his recovery too.

Throughout the years Tory has taught us so much about plants, permaculture, astrology, and the divinity of life. He is one of the most brilliant beings I know. Witnessing this journey has shown me how important it is to use all the tools we have. I am incredibly grateful for herbs, ceremony, prayers, as well as chemotherapy, MRI machines, pain relievers, and all the things we have in our modern world.

I am also grateful for the nurse who took out Tory’s picc line with a breathing exercise, our friends in Peru who led a ceremony in Troy’s honor, the beautiful hands that have cooked food to nourish him, the herbal medicine makers who’s pills keep his appetite up and pain down, the weavers who created the Ganesha tapestry that hung in his hospital room removing obstacles, and of course our amazing friend family who have come from near and far to be with you. There are truly healers everywhere.

Troy, you are enduring so much and you know that it is all just part of the journey. You say it is just an opportunity to learn something more. The love and courage beaming through you leaves me in awe daily. I am honored to know you. And we are blessed to be in this circle of friends.

Troy and his partner Karen are incredible humans. They both capture the divine on film. You can view their work here and here.

Troy is also known in the permaculture community and skateboarding world for his videos.

If you would like to donate some money to help Troy and Karen please go here. And of course all prayers and good vibes are welcome! May the new year bring us all some deep healing, awakening, and an abundance of gratitude. How amazing it is just to be alive!