Elemental Herbalism Workshop


We’re excited to announce our first Elemental Herbalism workshop of the new year! With all the buzz of "new year, new you" its easy to feel overwhelmed. Instead of buying into all of the hype, why not reach for remedies right in your own kitchen?

We want to help you feel confident navigating the world of wellness + hone in on which remedies, foods and rituals make you feel like the very best YOU!  Since staying well is an everyday practice knowing how to use our universal guides, a.k.a. the elements, is key to feeling empowered to choose the most effective remedies
to dance the dance of balancing. 


In our digital workshop, we'll share how these elemental practices can support you each day, by keeping you centered, calm, nourished, and more aware of both internal and external energies. This awareness informs what plants you use and foods you eat, and in turn, helps you to thrive.

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Registration Closes 1.18.19